Contractor Tips of the Month

#3: House values increase

Lane County Home values increased 10-12% in value in 2014. This means if a Lane County Home was worth $200,000 in 2013 it is worth $220,000 to $224,000 now.

Posted February 4th by Kent Winslow

#2: Roof maintenance

Now that fall is over and the trees are done shedding their leaves it is a great time for roof maintenance. Clean the roof and gutters. After the roof and gutters are cleaned it's a good idea to make sure the downspouts are draining properly. A simple way to check is to put a garden hose directly in the downspout from inside the gutter and let it run for a few minutes. If the water drains you should be good until next year. If the water doesn't drain the problem is most likely a clogged downspout. Downspouts are usually easily removed with just a few screws and the blockage can be cleared. After clearing a downspout drain clog you can check the drainlines near the foundation with the garden hose before re-installing the downspout. Now that the roof and gutters are working. It is a good time to treat the roof for moss if any exists. Simply use a zink based product such as MOSS BE GONE powder, available at you local hardware store. Sprinkle it along the ridgelines of your roof and mother nature will bring the rain to spread it from the ridge down the roof and kill the moss. A clean roof is a happy roof for many years to come.

Posted January 18th by Kent Winslow

#1: Winterizing your home

Frost proof hose bibs on the exterior of newer homes are designed to prevent damage to plumbing in freezing weather. They will still burst in freezing weather if you do not disconnect your garden hose from them. It doesn't matter if you live in a newer or older home, if you disconnect your garden hose from outdoor faucets in freezing weather it greatly reduces the chance of plumbing damage. It is also a good idea to drain your garden hose after removing it from the faucet in freezing weather so that it doesn't freeze solid. In the event of a fire, an working outdoor faucet and hose can be priceless. Frozen ones can be very, very costly.

Another trick when temperatures drop abruptly, if you're worried about the plumbing within your house freezing: leave a faucet on hot dripping just a bit overnight. Keeping warm water flowing through your pipes helps prevent them freezing, and just a few drips each minute won't cost any extra from your hot water heater. Insulating your pipes is of course the first step, but there are times when even that isn't enough if temperatures drop unusually low, and leaving a little hot water dripping can save you from expensive plumbing repairs due to burst pipes.

Check for drafts around windows and doors to save on your heating bills. Now is the time to refresh your weather-stripping if needed. Consider replacing older windows with newer, more efficient double or triple glazed versions. Even those still benefit from covering with wooden shutters, blinds, or curtains.

Posted November 18th by Kent Winslow

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